Post Election Update

After seven weeks of campaigning and two electioneering suspensions, due to the tragic Manchester and London terror attacks, the jury – in the form of the electorate – has delivered its verdict.

After a tense night, the Conservative Party has emerged as the largest party, however they have failed to reach the magic 326 seat mark which would give them a majority. Theresa May’s gamble has not paid off,  this general election has failed to deliver the decisive outcome she had hoped for when she called the snap election on 18 April. Without a working majority, we’ve got a hung parliament.

In a night that saw the Conservatives lose seats and squander the huge 22 point lead they had going into the election campaign, Labour managed to obtain more than 40% of the vote. The Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has called for Theresa May to “make way” for a government that would be “truly representative of the people of this country”

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