What type of mortgage is right for you?

The best mortgage for you will depend on a number of criteria, including your age, earnings, savings, monthly outgoings and intentions. Often it will be defined by how you wish to use the money you borrow:

For residential purchases – whether you’re stepping up onto the property ladder for the first time, upscaling or downsizing, there are various ways in which you can finance your property, and we’ll help you to focus on those that represent the best value.

Buy-to-let acquisitions – investing in a property to let it out to tenants attracts a very different set of criteria imposed by potential lenders, and by understanding their requirements, the process can be made significantly less onerous and stressful.

Re-mortgaging – you can re-mortgage for a number of reasons, but whatever your aims, we’ll be on hand to make sure you have all the necessary information, and are aware of other factors you should take into consideration, including – for example – any early redemption fees or penalties when you pay off your existing loan.

Equity release – for some older people who have paid off their original mortgage, but want to release some capital, equity release mortgages can be ideal, but you should never take one without knowing all the facts, and appreciating that there are some notes of caution to be sounded so that you don’t accumulate debt that will haunt you later in life.

Further advances – extending the amount you borrow from your existing lender can be a great way to finance renovations, or pay for other life events, but again, there may be unforeseen consequences. We’ve been there and done it, so with our help, the consequences can be foreseen!

For more information about different types of loans, see the FAQs section.

Whatever type of mortgage you need, Key to Your Mortgage will find you the best deal. And that’s a promise.

Our job is to find the best loan for you, whether you’re buying, renting, letting, re-mortgaging, extending or raising funds.

Getting the right mortgage can save you thousands of pounds over the term of your mortgage, so it’s well worth investing in good advice from people who know the market inside out, and really care about your future.

At Key to Your Mortgage, we specialise in mortgages and related products, and have developed a depth of knowledge and expertise that few can emulate.

Our promise

Our professional status, as trained, qualified, experienced, whole-of-market mortgage advisers, obliges us to give you clear, unambiguous and – above all – objective guidance on ALL the products in the marketplace.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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